Category: Commercial

Yoostar 2 Promo

Mixing work with play is always a good time, and I got to do just that early Thanksgiving week!  This spot was for the video game Yoostar 2, a game that takes a video of you acting out a scene of a popular movie, then puts your image into that scene of the movie.  Kind of like movie karoake.  Cinematographer Read More

Eyes of a Blue Dog

Promotional shoot for the Eyes of a Blue Dog dance company.  This was a lot of fun, and all of the girls were really great to work with.  Lighting was difficult on this one, as we had limited lights and rooms with some huge windows. The sun was pouring in! We slowed down some of the sun and Read More


Gave some camera assistance to this exciting spot for the toy Superblox.  We shot in central New Jersey, about an hour from the city.  We were able to get our first shot off at dawn and were mobile around the premises for most of the day.  Exterior and interior, at one point we had three Canon 7d rigs up and Read More

Emergen-C Commercial

Green screen commercial shoot for Emergen-C.  DP Jon Bregel tearing up the lighting scene and super chill guy to work with!   Super clean green screen work, accomplished by some of the best G & E crew around, and of course NYLAHD's camera package with a twist.  16.5-110mm Arri Zeiss Master Zoom.  Probably the coolest thing I have ever touched Read More