Should I use video content on my company web site?

Should I use video content on my company web site?

If you are on the fence about adding video content to your website, DO IT! Many business owners reach out to us looking to create simple but effective video content for their web site. At VigilanteHD, we feel that it is important for virtually all businesses to have such videos! For many business owners, the benefit from these videos is that it allows them to communicate their message and speak directly to future clients. These videos have two major functions; to make future clients more comfortable with the service provider, and also provide instant information and insight into the business. These videos are able to engage viewers more than just text and imagery.

There are a ton of great sources on the web talking about the effectiveness of video content, such as this Forbes article, or this Google Pagerank article.

New York Video Content for Business

Here are a few examples of how we have helped businesses use video to connect with their audience. Each of these videos were created in conjunction with a subsequent video series of either testimonials, questions and answers, staff interviews, or product demonstrations. Shooting video series such as these together and cohesively with one production company allows a branded look and feel to all content across all the videos. We also do our best to match each video’s look and feel with each individual business, so the videos will integrate perfectly with their web site.

Video content such as these are relatively quick to produce and extremely economical in building your web presence. Send us an email to for more information about pricing and availability.

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