Eytan and The Embassy Everything Changes: Behind the Scenes!

Eytan and The Embassy Everything Changes: Behind the Scenes!

Shortly after we received our brand new RED Scarlet camera package, we were looking to jump right into a new project and experience how the on set work flow improved.  Aside from a couple personal projects, we hadn’t had the chance to use the camera on a real world shoot.  Our friend and director of many of our spots, Joe Pickard said he found something that could potentially be a really great project.  He told us about shooting a one take music video for a friend of his, the singer of the band Eytan and the Embassy.  I was a bit apprehensive about the project, as doing a one take (no cut) video takes a lot of time, effort, skill, coordination, and insane amount of patience and perseverance.  With our limited resources and budget, my colleague Mike and I were worried about actually pulling it off.  So Joe, Eytan, Mike, and I had a sit down to discuss the project, what would work and what would not work.  We found a way to do the video where we all felt comfortable and thought the project could be accomplished.  We listened to the song “Everything Changes,”and we really dug the tune, so that always helps   The next step was getting the proper resources we needed.  Our biggest concern was the wardrobe and proper help.  Eytan was able to find just the right person for the job, Nicole Pezzolla.  I must mention that in my opinion, Joe Pickard(director) and Nicole Pezzolla(costume designer) added so much of their mind, body and soul into this project. It absolutely couldn’t have turned out the same way without them.  They did weeks of preparation on this project along with Eytan and in conjunction with Ashley Miller (hair/wigs)

We had two days of full production for “Everything Changes.”  Our first day was to pretty much commandeer the apartment for a location and setup.  This day was extremely important because we got to nail down the order of events and how they were accomplished, as well as how many people we needed behind the scenes to make it all come together.  DP Corey Eisenstein was able to rig a great lighting setup which was really perfect for this sort of video.  We also had a couple lighting cues throughout the video which needed to be set up and rehearsed.  Day one was great and we were able to get the entire crew on the same page so that we knew what to do once we actually started to go for takes the following morning.  When doing a one take video such as this, it is monumentally important that everyone involved knows what is going on throughout every bit of the video.  Everyone present was important in the execution of the video from changing wardrobes, lighting cues, resets, re-rigging the curtain, organizing wardrobes, hitting lighting cues, watching continuity.  There were so many jobs and everyone was magnificent.  This sort of video requires a lot of patience and understanding. We were really fortunate that everyone was excited and enthusiastic about the project.  If any one person had a bad attitude, it would have brought down the whole production.  I think in total we did around 30 takes which was a lot of resets, practice, messups, and funny incidents.

To be apart of the music video for “Everything Changes”  by Eytan and the Embassy was certainly amazing.  Check out the video below as well as the Behind the Scenes video and some of the stills.  As of June 23, the video has had over 270,000 hits in the first four days of being uploaded and has been featured on buzzfeed, laughing squid, reddit, cnn, fox news, msnbcrecordsetter, thisiscolossal, trendhunter, and a ton of other venues.  Also the video has been tweeted by #deadmau5, #OKgo, #Alyankovic, #ActuallyNPH and #youtube.  We are so glad that it has been this well received, and it is certainly better than we could have expected!




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