5 Commercials 1 Short film

After our Cheapcaribbean.com spot, things got a little crazy! We managed to get book solid through the rest of February on commercials, promos, web spots and a short film.

Started off working with 24dp on two spots, one for a funeral home, and other for Gillette. The Gillette shoot was very interesting as we did an HDR timelapse of a building being painted. Multiple cameras some getting reactions, some doing motion controlled HDR timelapse. Very cool stuff. Using Canon EOS 7D’s with Fotodiox intervalometers and Kessler CineSliders with elektraDRIVE ORACLE Controllers.

Following quick on the heals of the Gillette spot, NYLAHD‘s RED One packages was unleashed, and with it Joe Pickard joined me on the next two jobs for the History channel’s Larry the Cable Guy as well as a short film ‘Ringo’. DP Corey Eisenstein created a realistic yet zany world of light for the film, and it was great working with steadicam operator Karl Kim.

Continueing with RED jobs, I worked again with Marshall Coles and Suite Spot doing some multicam promo work for Coach. And finally, with the dream team Jacks Firm crew, we crammed multiple spots into one day for Jergens skin products.

All in all, late February & early March has been great. Looking forward to more great things!

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