• La Tavola Trattoria
    La Tavola Trattoria

    A short commercial presenting the culinary elegance and ambiance of an independent Italian restaurant.

  • Prasad Cosmetic Surgery
    Prasad Cosmetic Surgery

    One of the videos produced for Prasad Cosmetic Surgery advocating their techniques and natural results.

  • Foster Dogs NYC
    Foster Dogs NYC

    The short and sweet spot used to spread the word for the non-profit Foster Dogs NYC.

  • Keep it Classy
    Keep it Classy

    Viral campaign for Jack Daniels designed to inspire discussion about drinking habits and influences.

  • Netflix Noir
    Netflix Noir

    30 second noir style web spot for Netflix.

  • Whipslammer

    Showcasing Torx's upcoming toy 'The Whipslammer," this video was shot on a RED ONE MX at 120fps, extended in post