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Ron Isley

Great music video for the legendary Ron Isley.  Great song, very smooth vocals.  Director Clifton Bell, brings his A game as always, and had such a clean vision for the video, which was complimented by DP Matt Workman and Bruce Cole.  Had some great Jib stuff on the first day followed by some exterior dolly shots the following day.  I Read More

Freddie Gibbs – National Anthem

Music video production by Decon Creative Group.  This was a really laid back shoot and fun to do, everyone was really nice and was trying to make the best video possible.  Freddie Gibbs is a very cool and down to earth guy, and Director/DP Rob Gilbert is great at visualizing what he wants and conveying to to the crew.  This Read More

Fat Joe ft. Trey Songz – Ain’t about the Money

Awesome video shoot a couple nights ago.  Shot on a rooftop lounge in Queens, New York.   Everyone on this shoot was great, and I got to work with some old colleagues and new ones.  Hopefully this crew will work together more frequently.  Got to check out the RED MX sensor which was very cool.  More videos like this comming soon!  I Read More

Yahaira ft. Lil Mama – Sexiest

Great shoot yesterday!  It's not often that you bump into someone at a bar and are able to work with them months later!  This shoot was great, great crew, director/producer Danny Hastings is a great guy and great to work with.  We had a long day which is definetly going to be well spent as this video is going to Read More

Fat Joe ft. Young Jeezy – Slow Down (Ha Ha)

Had a  great shoot a couple weeks ago.  Produced by Tony Segreto, Georgina Prentice, and Brendan Kyle Cochrane.  Was an exciting shoot from the start, thanks to everyone that came down to help out.  Everyone put in 110% to make it happen!  Shot in Harlem New York with some great shots throughout the area and at the wonderful Club Talay. Thanks Read More

The-Dream ft. Ludacris & Janny Marcos

Some great music videos this weekend.  Saturdays shoot was in beautiful south Jersey for Janny Marcos and finally got to work with Frankie Blanco TKONY as a director, I'm glad he's back! On Monday I was in Brooklyn shooting The-Dream and Ludacris directed by the talented Clifton Bell.  The shoot with The-Dream and Ludacris went great, amazing set designs!   Read More