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    VigilanteHD Web Site Redesign

    03 Oct 2011 in Uncategorized

    Welcome to the new VigilanteHD!  This new web design is our first step in the process of re-branding.  Our goal is to make the site more dynamic, fun and interactive than it was previously.  Keep checking back, we have a ton of content coming and some fun blog updates!

    Jack Daniels and TORX

    23 Sep 2011 in Commercial

    Just noticed this post draft sitting in the blog box. This is from a couple months ago. Over the past few months, things have been quiet busy. Our most recent spots released over the summer were for online ad campaigns for the brands Jack Daniels, and the lesser known TORX. The Jack Daniels assignment was created in order to bring new awareness to responsible drinking, while the TORX spot had the goal of bringing in new buyers to the TORX...

    Foster Dogs NYC Promo

    21 Aug 2011 in Commercial

    A few weeks ago VigilanteHD teamed together with FosterDogsNYC to create a promotional video that would help spread the word about dog fostering.  Working with Sarah Oren and all of the wonderful dog owners that came out with their pets was fantastic. Joe Pickard had the vision to create a very simple and elegant spot focusing on people and their canine companions.  Check it out, we think its great!  So fun working with such great people, dogs, and beautiful weather!

    TRESemme Set Photos

    15 Aug 2011 in Uncategorized

    Here are the set photos from the Jacks Firm shoot I mentioned a couple posts ago!  Enjoy!  

    Echo Sonic Live @ Ollies Point 7-16-11

    19 Jul 2011 in Uncategorized

    Last Saturday the Long Island band    Echo Sonic performed at Ollies Point in Amityville, Long Island. Great show by a fantastic band! First time using the brand new 7D package in a low light situation! Check out the photos!   Group Shots   Aaron   TJ   Alex   Steve

    Frigidaire / Martha Stewart / TRESemme

    03 Jul 2011 in Commercial

    Not too long after the Chase shoot I received another call from The Jacks Firm. Working with director Ben Jacks and executive producer Scott Welch is absolutely wonderful, and I am really glad that we here at Vigilante HD have the opportunity to work so frequently with them. In the past two weeks we have spent five shoot days working on two shoots. The shoots were web spots for Frigidaire appliances and TRESemme hair products.   Ben Jacks brings a...

    Prasad Cosmetic Surgery Video Shoots

    30 Jun 2011 in Commercial

    For the past few months we have been working very closely with Prasad Cosmetic Surgery in their new ad campaign. Prasad Cosmetic Surgery is a one stop boutique cosmetic surgery practice located in New York City and Long Island. They have commissioned us to do a series of viral videos that will be endorsing their brand new website,, and also on their busy youtube channel.  I must say that Dr. Prasad is fantastic to work with, and I would...

    RED Epic-M with REDmote!

    12 Jun 2011 in Camera Assist & Commercial

    Director Josh Diamond of MBS Productions is at it again, this time adding to his camera arsenal the brand new REDmote.  On this shoot we were tabletop shooting a spot for some great new cutlery products. Working with the EPIC is great.  There is little about it that I don’t like.  The REDmote is great and a useful tool, especially when rigging the camera in precarious or difficult to reach places.  Also with the upcoming firmware upgrade I am hoping...

    Real Simple / Chase

    08 Jun 2011 in Commercial

    A few weeks ago we worked again with The Jacks Firm, on a wonderful video shoot for Real Simple / Chase.  Shooting on NYLAHD’s Red One package yet again, bringing as beautiful and clean looking video.  Looking forward to seeing the spot and working with this crew again in a couple weeks.

    Working with RED EPIC-M

    23 May 2011 in Camera Assist & Music Videos

    Last weekend I had the very exciting opportunity to work with Jason and Josh Diamond and their brand new RED EPIC-M #512 camera!  The RED EPIC is a brand new camera, capable of shooting 5k resolution HD images, as well as a slew of other cool features like built in high quality HDR! Being a very frequent user and big supporter of RED One tech, the first thing I fell in love with the EPIC was the size.  I really...