Working with RED EPIC-M

Working with RED EPIC-M

Last weekend I had the very exciting opportunity to work with Jason and Josh Diamond and their brand new RED EPIC-M #512 camera!  The RED EPIC is a brand new camera, capable of shooting 5k resolution HD images, as well as a slew of other cool features like built in high quality HDR!

Being a very frequent user and big supporter of RED One tech, the first thing I fell in love with the EPIC was the size.  I really like that they are trying to compete with DSLR size dimensions, as the camera only weighs around 5lbs, compared to the Red One 10lbs, plus many of the accessories are also smaller and more lightweight.  The SSD drives it uses for media are extremely light and reliable.  A Red One brick will run this camera for about 3 hours which comes in handy when your working long days.

The titanium allow PL mount is a nice touch, and is super solid.  Honestly it feels a lot more solid than the Red One PL mount.  The EVF lemo connector port is also right next to the mount in the front of the camera,which does feel a little strange, but using a right angle lemo, it doesn’t get in the way of anything, and the cables stay close to the body.

Key features:

-10 second boot up

-fast reformat – didn’t time it, but it was less than 15 seconds

-3 roll buttons (with the dslr grip)

-Touch screen menus!!  I know its gimmicky, but they work really well, and make changing settings and verifying settings quick and easy.  The menu system itself is very intuitive and easy to navigate.  IMO the Red One’s navigation was pretty simple also, but now they have minimized submenus and consolidated a lot of options.

-Pinch zoom in/out for focus checks

-Double tap the bottom right corner of the display to ROLL! –  Josh knows what I’m talking about.


All in all, great to work with.  Looking forward to using it again tomorrow! (Maybe I’ll even take some better pictures)

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