Janny Marco – Ella

Last weekend I was down on the Jersey Shore working with director Frankie Blanco “TKONY” on the upcoming video for Janny Marco’s music video “Ella”.  It was an early day, but thankfully not a long one!  We shot at a nice little spot called the Clam Hut, which I’d really like to hit up during the summer.  First time working with DP Marshall Coles, owner of Lumenhouse, and all around good guy.  Lighting for this shoot was spectacular, very edgy and moody.  Definitely different from a lot of the other videos I work on.  Really looking forward to the cut on this video.  I am currently on another job with Marshall, and all I have to say is that this guy is great to work with and really knows how to light!  Sit tight for my post on our current project, but for now, check out these from the Janny Marco shoot:

Also, to all the new G & E guys I got to meet on the Janny Marcos shoot, you guys were great!

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