Hal Linton & JMC Music Videos

Time to play catch up on the blog posts!  These two back to back shoots were from early October.  One for R & B Artist Hal Linton, the other for English artist JMC.

Hal Linton shoot was entirely studio, and was shot with black and white in mind for the final cut.  In situation’s like this, I think rolling spreaders would have been a great addition to the kit. Hrmm, next time!  DP Karl Kim did a great job in creating soft light set ups to further the mood progression of the video.  Director Brendan Kyle Cochrane brought his unique touch to the video to create a meaningful storyline, and Producer Roy Lamanna kept the shoot moving smoothly.

The JMC video was at a variety of locations around Brooklyn, specifically an awesome rooftop and seaside.  The rooftop was a bit challenging because of the wind, and we kinda lost a bounce to it!  The sunset shots by the seaside looked great, the MX sensor upgrade was definitely worth the investment for NYLAHD.  DP Parris, Dir. Luke Biggins, and prod coordinator Brendan Cochrane know how to keep a shoot moving, especially when theres some curve balls!

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